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Pepper Sprayed, and Pistol Whipped, Armed Citizen Still Wins

Saturday evening Allentown police were called to the 1000 block of Turner for a report of a shooting.

When Officers arrived, they discovered 29-year-old Kaitlin Aciero screaming that her boyfriend was dead, while one man performed CPR on another man laid out on the ground.

After securing the scene, detectives unraveled the story.

36-year-old Antonio Santiago, who had just left work and was headed to see a friend, was approached by 2 masked men when he parked his car.

They forced open his car door and both men sprayed Santiago in the face with pepper spray. One of the men, 30-year-old Shane Gesnaker, then pistol whipped him and demanded money.

According to authorities, Santiago told the robbers to hold on while he found his money. Instead of his wallet however, he pulled his licensed to carry 9mm pistol.

Even with the effects of the pepper spray, Santiago was able to get off one shot, causing Gesnaker and his male accomplice, 32-year-old Andrew Eberts, to run away. Eberts kept running but Gesnaker was hit by the shot, making it only 50 feet before he collapsed.

Eberts attempted to resuscitate Gesnaker with CPR but to no avail.

Gesnaker’s girlfriend, Acierno, snatched up the black BB gun used in the attack, and threw it in a trash can, where officers found it near the intersection of Russell and North Hazel streets.

Detectives discovered the three criminals had decided to find someone to rob that morning and had gone to that location together to do so, with Acierno providing the pepper spray and BB gun to pull off the robbery.

Both the surviving criminals were charged with robbery, criminal conspiracy to commit robbery, felonies in the first degree, and an additional charge for Acierno of tampering with evidence, a 2nd degree misdemeanor for trying to get rid of the BB gun.

They were booked into Lehigh County Jail with bail set at $125,000 each.

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What do you think of Santiago’s ability to defend himself while suffering from the effects of pepper spray? Leave a comment below to let me know.


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  1. Paul England June 7, 2019 at 7:47 am #

    What, no murder charge for the two living robbers, for the death caused during the robbery?

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