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Home Owner Encouraged to Get CCW After Intruder Smashes in His Door.

A home owner of Slippery Rock Pa. was awakened by commotion outside his house early in the morning of Sunday the 18th of November.

“I looked at my phone and it was like two o’clock in the morning. Nobody should be here,” said Bill Wright, who was in bed with his wife, “He started banging on the doors really hard and aggressively, started punching the doors.”

The hostile man rummaged through a vehicle parked outside the residence and opened the garage door, damaging several locks as he went.

Wright went to investigate, with difficulty, since the power had not yet been turned back on after last weeks ice storm. No power, no lights.

“When he ran around the back and disappeared around the back (sic) I thought, this is going up another level. And that’s when I went and got my gun.”

Write retrieved his shotgun while 26-year-old Dustin Miller tried to kick in his door. When he was unable to gain access to the home, Miller walked away. Coming back with a “boulder”.

Miller threw the large rock against the door, shattering the glass.

“I was only eight feet away from him.” Wright said.

Attempting to dissuade Miller from his attack, Wright fired two warning shots, which Miller completely ignored. Instead, he charged the homeowner.

Wright told Channel 11 WPXI he feared for his, and his wife’s life, he was left with no choice but to shoot Miller in the leg.

Miller was taken to Allegheny General Hospital where he was treated and released to authorities, who then escorted him to Butler County Prison.

According to, Miller now faces charges of burglary, theft from a motor vehicle, criminal trespass, criminal mischief, driving under the influence and drug and traffic violations.

The incident encouraged Wright to get his concealed carry permit the next day.

The homeowner wanted Miller to get a message,

“Turn your life around. Live your life…don’t throw it away,” He said.

Warning shots. What do you think? Good idea, or no? Leave us a comment below to let us know.

This case highlights the absolute necessity of having a light either on your home defense weapon, or next to it. With power out in the home, and minimal visibility, Wright was severely limited in his ability to successfully defend himself.

Don’t let this happen to you. Get a light, keep it charged.

Wright shot Miller (who was on drugs) in the leg, fortunately it was enough to halt the attack. That is not always the case. Read about Physiology of Stopping the Threat here.

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